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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Best Sandwich in the World?

There are many different types of jamón, but Jamón Ibérico is hailed as the best due to the pigs' ripe acrorm diet which heightens the flavor of the meat. Mark Bittman, a food critic for the New York Times, claimed that the best sandwich he's eaten is the flauta d’ibéric from Café Viena in Barcelona.

While visiting Barcelona recently, I had to try this hyped up sandwich. My friend Jennifer and I stopped into the surprisingly touristy looking cafe and ordered their specialty. There were only 3 ingredients: a crunchy baguette, grated tomato, and of course the Jamón Ibérico from Jabugo, Spain. Jamón from Jabugo is the Holy Grail of jamón. It is a very dark ruby red color and extremely expensive, but like nothing you have tasted before!

I would call the Jamón Ibérico the best simplistic sandwich I have ever had because of its high quality ingredients, but definitely not THE best. I'm anxious to try Rick Bayless's famous tortas at XOCO in Chicago next time I visit!

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