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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Currywurst on Foot could use this for an advertisement! Berliners just can't get enough currywurst!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Budapest's Great Market Hall

My first day in Budapest I checked out The Great Market Hall and it was quite the adventure. I got there early Saturday morning, and it was already packed with a mix of locals and tourists. On the first floor you can buy all kinds of produce, baked goods, and of course paprika. However, the second floor is where I spent most of my time because they sold typical Hungarian street food such as langos.

I had seen people eating langos all over the city and in Prague so I was curious to see how they were made. I put in my order and watched them deep fry dough, slather it with sour cream, and top it with a mountain of cheese. Holy heart attack! With the beast in my hands I sat down at the tiny bar and took a bite while a fellow American and his daughter looked on in horror (they bought one five minutes later). The first bite was amazing. I did the opposite of what I normally do with pizza and only ate the crust. The middle was not light and fluffy like the outside and was overpowered by the density of the cheese. All and all it was something I'm glad I tried, but I never need to eat another one. When in Budapest...